Mar 16, 2008

You've Got to Take the Good with the Bad

Here's the good part: I close the book with a satisfied sigh, the book being Guinevere's Gift, by Nancy McKenzie (Knopf). I loved it from first page to last; it was exciting, the characters were very real, and it TOTALLY rekindled my adolescent obsession with all things Arthurian.

The bad part? It's the FIRST BOOK in a QUARTET. AARRGGH! Months and even YEARS until I find out how it ends. Well, of course I know how it ENDS, but not this particular author's version.

I did find out that she's written some adult books about Guinevere, so off I go to Changing Hands Bookstore when we get to Phoenix, our next stop. They might help ease the pain until the second book comes along.

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