Mar 21, 2008

SO Not the Cheerleading Type...

but somehow,the pull of this book was irresistible - actually, there are two of them out already. The series is called The Squad, and the book I just finished is called Perfect Cover. I almost put them aside because of the cheerleader logo, but I'm glad I took a second look - they're fast, fun and really cool.

Toby Klein, the main character, is also NOT the cheerleading type, so she's very surprised when she gets an invitation to try out for the varsity squad. Turns out the squad is also the Squad, a special group of underage operatives working for the government. After all, it IS the perfect cover - who would expect a group of cheerleaders to be smart, articulate, strong and devious? And they want Toby to be their new hacker.

So Toby accepts the invitation, and suddenly her life as a combat-boot-wearing loner is over...the other girls give her a makeover, new glittery clothes and some awesome new tech equipment, and she's ready for her first assignment.

The author, who has her master's from Cambridge University, was a former competitive cheerleader, so I guess she knows her stuff. Anyway, I really thought her writing was fun and funny - she brought all of the girls to life without turning any of them into cliches - Toby's voice is especially droll as she is both aggravated and intrigued by her new life and friends.

Oh, and apparently you can "meet the squad" at

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