Mar 8, 2008

Fantasy Time

What is it about fantasy that is SO gratifying, especially when you’re sick? I spent the last few days watching The Lord of the Rings on DVD, and reading Libba Bray’s The Sweet Far Thing, the last in the trilogy that was begun in A Great and Terrible Beauty and continued in Rebel Angels. Oh, and I didn’t move for most of one whole day, tangled up in an advance galley for Airman, by Eoin Colfer.

I haven’t read the Artemis Fowl books but now I have to say that I might have to give them a go because I loved Airman SO much! OK, so I am a pilot and love anything to do with flying (Kenneth’s Oppel’s Airborn comes to mind), but it isn’t just that. I am dazzled and in awe of Colfer’s ability to craft this entire civilization based in the Saltee Islands, complete with a scientific king, a modern princess, a horrible villain, aeronauts, spies...oh, and a daring prison escape! (I am fascinated by prison stories, and especially by escapes. Blame it on a Scholastic paperback I had as a child called Great Escapes).

It felt really gratifying to “finish off” the Libba Bray series, as it always does when the author has tied up all of the loose ends and you get to find out what happens to everyone, people you’ve been involved with for years now. Even when I got exasperated with Gemma, Felicity and Ann for behaving like absolute teenagers, I still cared about their fates.

Speaking of long term fictional relationships, I tried to listen to the new Tamora Pierce novel, Magic Stones, which is only available in an audio version right now, and I just didn’t like it. The production was fabulous, as all Full Cast Audio’s are, and the story was grand, too – but I just didn’t like the main narrator’s voice so I decided to wait until the book comes out and finish it then. I guess I’ve just known Tamora’s characters for so long, and heard my own version of their voices in my head, to settle for someone else’s idea – even though I read an interview that said it was the narrator’s voice that prompted Tamora to have this be an audio first! Maybe I’m just not an audio person...

Oh, and after watching all of the movies, I think it’s time to reread some Tolkien.

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