Mar 8, 2008

Oh My Darling Clementine

I think it would be a blast to write a story starring Clementine, Ramona Quimby, Judy Moody and any of the other irrepressible elementary school heroines. The result would be kind of like a junior version of Cynthia Voigt’s Bad Girls, with each girl putting on their most mischievous airs.

Oh, and throw Lilly (she of the purple plastic purse) in there, too, because
I just read a manuscript of the next Clementine book, (thank you, Harcourt!) Clementine’s Letter, and I couldn’t help thinking of Lilly….when Clementine finds out that her teacher may be leaving them for the rest of the year, she isn’t happy, because she is “in the sink” with him, and understands his rules. Like Mr. Slinger with Lilly, Clementine’s teacher truly “gets” his student, and there’s a special bond between them.

I like the urban setting of the Clementine books (that reminds me, we should invite Eloise to this party too) and how real everyone seems, especially Clementine’s friend Margaret, who clearly represents the OCD crowd and yet manages to add humor and believability to the story.

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