Oct 2, 2007

Weekend in New Hampshire

We haven't posted much because we are (still) sorting, packing and preparing for our move at a frantic pace. But over the past weekend I was with college friends near Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire and had a fun, relaxing time -- that easy way of being with longtime friends. I've known these women for 35 years! Just before leaving, I received a review copy of Tuttle's Red Barn by Richard Michelson and illustrated by Mary Azarian (Putnam.)It's the story of America's oldest family farm, relating pieces of the country's history along with the story of twelve generations of family farming in Dover, New Hampshire.
Azarian's fine woodcuts are a perfect complement, capturing the people and the New England landscape with a rustic air. I haven't visited the Red Barn yet, and until I do, this book will provide me with a feeling of it's place in New Hampshire life and culture.

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