Oct 3, 2007

Pop, Pop

Two pop-up books recently made their way to our review stash. I'm a mild fan of pop-ups and I like one very much, not just because it's awesome to look at, but because it also engages readers in different ways. The book is How Many ? spectacular paper sculptures by Ron van der Meer (Robin Corey Books/ Random House.)
On five double-page spreads, four featuring shapes -- triangle, circle, square, and star -- and the fifth using a line, remarkable pop-up structures amaze and delight readers. Multiples of each shape form the brightly colored structures paired against white backgrounds. Looking from the top and sides produces different views. Many questions pertaining to shape and color appear on each spread – for instance How many circles are formed by words? How many squares overlap? How many star points touch the pages?
You can check your answers on the Internet at www.howmanypopups.com. van der Meer is truly a master paper engineer; he’s created pop-ups for adults and kids. I think kids eight and older will be fascinated with How Many ? A limited edition signed by the author is also available; for more information go
The other pop-up I didn't like because I felt it was too contrived and just didn't work, so I won't say more about that.

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