Jan 23, 2009

Wholesalers and Publishers Meet

Last week we were in Del Ray Beach Florida for the Annual Meeting of the Educational Paperback Association, whose members are wholesalers and publishers. I’ve been involved with “that other EPA” for 15 years and it continues to be one of my favorite associations because of what I learn, the work that gets done, and the overall camaraderie. This year some old friends were missing and there was lots of talk about the economic crisis and the reflective industry layoffs and changes.

I was one of the worker bees, helping with pre-meeting prep and smooth sailing during the meeting, so I enjoyed a couple of days of sun and warmth before the EPA weather curse took hold and a chill descended. But cold is relative, right? and since the majority of attendees were from New York and the Midwest, most were just happy not struggling with boots and coats.

One of the programs was particularly interesting to me. A panel of higher ups in children's publishing spoke to current state of the industry and the future, answering questions from the wholesaling community.

more later. . .

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