Sep 17, 2007

The First of Many Posts

Here's something that makes me worry that I'm not the writer that my 10-year-old self imagined me to be: I never take the time to actually write!

When faced with the urge to make a post here (and also, urged by Laurina to do so), I can think of about a thousand other things I should be doing instead - like working on one of our clients' websites, packing for our upcoming RV adventure or going to get a Rita's water ice (something from Philadelphia that I'm really going to miss, BTW.)

But I do have things to say about children's books! Seems when you're in this universe, you just hear and see things all the time that are pertinent. Saturday I went with my sister Jean and her kids, my beloved Kyra and Keane, to an Autism Walk at the school where she teaches. While we took turns chasing Mr. Speed Keane around, we talked...she always gives me the update on the kids because she knows I want to hear EVERYTHING.

Anyway, she told me about something she'd done to get Kyra to finish her dinner and it made me laugh so much I wanted to share it. She put Kyra's little pile of corn in the bottom of a large mixing bowl and said "Look! You can eat your corn out of Papa Bear's bowl!"

It worked, and it worked because Kyra L-O-V-E-S books and sure knows her fairy tales. Next time Jean thinks she'll try using Little Red Riding Hood's basket...

And, just to prove that it's all connected, we just received a copy of Jan Brett's newest: The Three Snow Bears. It's an Inuit version from the good people at Putnam.

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